Go Global - Dream Marketing Job in Fiji for PIHMS Graduate

May 20, 2020


Introduce yourself.

Ni sa Bula Vinaka, Anyon Haseyo, Kia Ora and Hello. My name is Rush. I was born in Fiji, but raised and educated in New Zealand.


What High School did you attend?

I’m from a small town in Wellington called Lower Hutt and went to Hutt Valley High School.


When did you graduate from PIHMS?

I graduated from PIHMS in 2006 and have since, had an exciting and rather diverse career.


What is your current job role?

I am overseeing Global Digital Marketing for Tourism Fiji. I relocated to Fiji with the Mrs and Dog and have loved every minute of it.


Rush and Peanut in Sydney.jpg


What other roles have you had since graduating from PIHMS?

Since graduating, I have helped open hotels (like the Holiday Inn in Wellington, which is now a Rydges I believe?). Imagine an empty hotel, with nothing inside. I remember getting paid to run around town, looking for tours and experiences to help build up the front desk and concierge, filling rooms with beds and linen and eating all the M&Ms from room service while doing so. It was the best. Using the skills learned from Hospitality and Tourism at PIHMS, I’ve held roles in recruitment (as that is predominantly customer service and time management).

I have also been involved with some of New Zealand’s largest thoroughbred races, having worked for the Wellington Racing Club, leveraging the conference and events skills I learned at PIHMS.

Moving to Australia, I became the Digital Marketing Strategist for one of Rupert Murdoch’s, New Corporation publications in Cairns, North Queensland. I used my knowledge of customer experience to help build one of their most profitable news websites at the time. We created a Travel section on the site which is where knowledge gained from PIHMS came in extremely handy.

I was then picked up by the Regional Tourism Organisation, Tourism Tropical North Queensland as their Digital Manager. During this time, our role was to promote Tropical North Queensland to the world. I used the Tourism Marketing skills learned at PIHMS to help drive growth in visitation for the region. If you’ve heard of the Great Barrier Reef, it’s highly likely our team had something to do with it at some point in time.

I then moved to Sydney and went back to News Corporation. I was the Social Media Manager for the state of New South Wales. Here I used the Business Management, Human Resources and Finance skills I learnt at PIHMS to manage a small team, overseeing 23 newspaper publications, sharing news, travel stories and the occasional meme (they were just starting back then).

I’ve also worked for State Government in NSW and the skills learned throughout my career helped build parks, playgrounds and experiences across the state. All thanks to the seeds that were planted in Taranaki all those years ago.


Why do you love working in the tourism industry?

I think about this often, and what I love about working in the Tourism Industry is the people you meet, the places you get to travel and things you get to experience. I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Stuck in an office doing the 9-5, and also travelling the world, having fun, doing what I love. It’s an easy choice if you ask me. You meet so many people from different walks of life at PIHMS that you’ll end up having connections all over the world by the time you graduate. It’s the best.


How has PIHMS helped you achieve your amazing career?

Living, studying and training at PIHMS has taught me so much. Not only from the books we read, but life in general.

With the practical skills we learned, I had my paid industry placements in Wellington and Melbourne. Learning F&B, helped me get my first placement, sure, but combined with year two Front Office and Housekeping, it helped me become a more mature person and gave me the confidence to use my skills overseas and in other industries.

Year three and Degree is what really set me up though. This is what helped me realise that there is a world of opportunity within the Tourism sector and it fascinated me.

The Tourism Marketing, Business Management, HR and Organisation behaviour studies that we learned stuck with me, which has helped me get to where I am today I feel.

The skills I learned at PIHMS are highly transferrable. I’ve used them across many industries and sectors of business. But, I’ll always come back to Travel and Tourism, which is why I’m here again now. PIHMS has helped strengthen my emotional intelligence and leadership skills more than I know.


Would you recommend someone to study at PIHMS?

I recommend discussing this with your parents and friends and give it some serious consideration. PIHMS will change your life for the better, more than you know.