Live Webinar Information about PIHMS

May 14, 2020


Thank you to everyone who watched our live information session earlier this week. Below you will find a recording of the session with all the Q&A that were asked during the session.



Questions & Answers


1. How has Covid-19 affected placements?

Industry Placement is currently on hold for students who were due to go out during this time, students will go on Industry Placement once the industry is all back in action. Students have been able to progress on to the next programme level to continue on with their studies.


2. How many new students do you usually take in from each intake?

It depends on the intake, however it can range from 70-130+ across all programmes.


3. Can you change your intake to a different one once you have applied?

Certainly, we can swap you over, it's a really easy process. We will send out a new offer letter with the change of intake.


4. Does PIHMS offer distance learning or do you have to be at the campus?

During Covid-19 our students have been doing online/distance learning but normally students learn on campus due to the practical training element of our course.


5. What are the prices of staying in a double or single room at PIHMS?

It's $310 per week for all your food and accommodation for a twin room. That includes 3 meals a day, it also covers your power, cleaning and WiFi. Its an extra $100 a week for a single room.


6. What's the diversity like at PIHMS?

We have students from all over New Zealand and the world at PIHMS.


7. What are a few jobs this course can get you into?

Our graduates get in to a wide range of roles including - Event Management, Marketing, HR, Hotel Management, Front Office Management, Restaurant Manager, Barista, Bar Tending, Chef, Flight Attending, Cruise Ships, Housekeeping, Sales, Finance.


8. Do you get holidays after a certain amount of time?

You do get holidays, similar to school holidays. They can be found on our website -


9. What type of things do students do in the weekends while studying etc are the working?

Whenever you are not in class or training you are free to do what you like. Some students do have part time jobs. Others go to the beach which is about a 10 minute walk away. We also have a gym on site plus a pool, squash court, volleyball court, outdoor netball court, student lounge with pool tables and large TV with Netflix. We also have a great MTB park in New Plymouth and the surf here is fantastic too!!


10. Are you allowed to go on a gap year before you go to PIHMS?

Yes absolutely you can. What some students do is go on their gap year for Industry Placement while they are at PIHMS. The Industry Placement is 6 months but you can extend it to a year if you like. I personally would recommend that because it means that we give you a job for your Industry Placement and you are also gaining some very valuable work experience at the same time as having a gap year! Some of our students extend their Industry Placement to travel around the world as we find students placements overseas.


11. Can we apply before we attend the open days?

Yes you totally can. If you want to apply, please visit and go to online application tab to find our application. We will be in contact with you from that point to assist you with steps in our enrolment process. We look forward to receiving your application.


12. Is there a benefit for which intake you enroll for?

Nope, its totally up to you. February and April do tend to be busier and the intakes fill up faster so we recommend you applying at least 6 months in advance.


13. Are you allowed guests to see you in the weekends?

Yes, you need to sign them in and they cant stay overnight for health and safety.


14. How long do you think that it will be until the tourism industry is back on track?

Hard to say, however we are optimistic that in the next 8 - 12 months we should see some growth.


15. Will traveling still be an option?

Not at the moment but hopefully in the future!


16. Does PHIMS only have a campus in New Plymouth or do you have campuses across New Zealand?

We have one campus in New Plymouth. Because of that its awesome vibes living and studying on the campus.


17. Do you think it would be a good life decision to pursue hospitality/tourism starting next year?

If you love this industry, do it! Yes it is troubling times, but if you do the degree that's three years, so its likely the industry will be booming by then. And if you have the degree, you are not limited to working in Tourism and Hospitality. You might work for a Marketing firm in Wellington or Event Management in Auckland.


18. How many different places can we go overseas?

30+ different locations overseas. Loads in Australia, over in UK and some students have gone to the USA and the Maldives.


19. Do you stay at the same placement for all 3 years or can u change them every year?

You would only go on 2 x 6 month placements and they don't have to be at the same hotel or destination.


20. Could I go into the cooking industry through PIHMS?

Whilst we don't offer culinary skills, quite a few of our students are now chefs and loads have opened up their own restaurants.


21. How do PIHMS handle students that don't have much background on certain subject, like for example accounting?

Once, we receive an application we have a personalized approach to our enrolment process. We chat to you about what credits you have received and go through any concerns you may have. Our entry requirements to the degree and Level 5 programme are 10 numeracy credits at NCEA level 1, 10 literacy credits at NCEA level 1 and 60 credits at NCEA level 2. We provide Academic Support for those students that need a little more help but are programmes are structured in a way to ease students in to the programme.


22. Can I pay the tuition fees in installment?

If you are eligible for Fess Free then you do not need to pay the tuition fees as the first year is now covered by the NZ Government. You can check your eligibility by going to


 23. With the big hit to the tourism industry from coronavirus, is it going to be harder to be successful in the tourism/hospitality industry?

We don't believe so. By the time you graduate, the tourism industry should be fully back in full swing. You may be more successful as people who are currently in the industry may have left to work in another industry meaning a shortage of tourism and hospitality employees when it does pick back up again.


24. What is a typical day like at PIHMS?

There is no typical day at PIHMS or in the hospitality and tourism industry! For the 3 months of Business Management / academics, the classes are Monday to Friday, 8 till 5 but with a 2 hour lunch break. For the 3 months of Food & Beverage practical training, you will be required to complete 37 hours of practical training a week. This may include some 6am starts or 8pm finishes (just like a real restaurant). It will also include one or two Saturday or Sundays in that time. Whenever you are not required in class or training, you a free to do whatever you like. Then for the final half of the first year you are working in a hotel on your paid placement so very different again. 


25. If you have family that work or have been trained in the industry can that help with future employment or future opportunities?

Yes that can help you for sure, although you gain really good experience and contacts through the paid industry placement so if you don't have family contacts you will also be good!


26. What are the PIHMS fees?

This information can be found on our website here