PIHMS meets the NZ Minister of Finance

Nov 1, 2019

PIHMS Vietnam at the event.jpg

Earlier this week, our PIHMS Vietnam colleagues were invited to a very special event.

The New Zealand Minister of Finance, Grant Robertson was on an official visit to Vietnam. A welcome reception was held for him when he arrived and the New Zealand Ambassador to Vietnam (Ms Wendy Matthews) invited PIHMS to the reception.

PIHMS was the only institution to be invited to the event. The rest of the attendees were Vietnam officials, business owners, CEO's, chairman's, etc.

Ngan, who works in our Vietnam office attended the event where she met the New Zealand Ambassador to Vietnam Wendy Matthews, General Consulate Karlene Davis, ENZ Director of SEA John Laxon and the The Minister of Finance for New Zealand Grant Robertson.

She shared with them PIHMS success in NZ and Vietnam. This included the development of several strategic alliances with prestigious institutions in Vietnam.

They congratulated PIHMS on its achievement in the market.


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