PIHMS Hospitality Research and Symposium

PIHMS Hospitality Research and Symposium

PIHMS Hospitality Research Forum News

The PIHMS Hospitality Research Forum News is a vehicle for PIHMS Staff and Students to report back to the Hospitality Industry on research that they have done into topics/issues of interest to the Hospitality industry. The research outcomes are expressed in a concise format, to give a topic overview, with a more in-depth report available upon request. 

We are always interested to hear of any topics/issues identified by Industry members as warranting further investigation.

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The Pacific International Hotel Management School provides pre-employment training for future employees of the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

The PIHMS Hospitality and Tourism Symposium (HATS) provides an annual opportunity for Industry to interact with PIHMS, and each other, to hear about, and discuss, issues that are of current and future interest to the industry. It also facilitates the interaction of PIHMS staff with Industry Professionals (and vice versa). A desirable outcome is the establishment of a clear, and common, understanding of attributes Industry sees as desirable for potential employees, and the steps PIHMS may take to help develop these.

2016 HATS Symposium - April 2016