Hospitality Industry Looking Positive

Nov 19, 2020

Yesterday Stuff reported that hospitality businesses in regional and suburban areas were actually doing better than this time last year – some by 23% (see article here). This comes as no surprise to us!! We have placed over 100 students in to paid jobs around New Zealand in the past month, and we are contacted daily by hotels and hospitality businesses including our graduates and students who are working in the industry looking for experienced staff.

“As tourism revives, job and career opportunities will re-emerge. There is a risk of labour and skill shortages” TIA (

Phillippa Jones at Farm at Cape Kidnappers Nov 2020.jpgWe caught up with Phillippa Jones to find out what she has been up to since graduating PIHMS a few years ago…

“I am currently the Lodge Duty Manager at The Farm at Cape Kidnappers which is part of the Robertson Lodge group. I’ve been working at the lodge since my graduation from PIHMS in July 2018. I started as a Front Desk Receptionist and progressed my way up to becoming Senior Receptionist and then on to Lodge Duty Manager.

I enjoy sharing the renowned Robertson Lodge hospitality with our guests, where every member of our team collaborate to create seamless, tailored experience for each guest that stays.

Prior to Covid-19 we relied heavily on international tourists most of which were Americans. We have had to change our business model to attract and appeal to the NZ market, this includes lowering prices, creating packages that include accommodation, food and select beverages but mostly it’s meant for us that we have had to adjust our service so it fits in with the kiwi-way and the more casual lifestyle.

We are operating at 100% occupancy over weekends, this has very much increased our demand for staff who are flexible with shift patterns and days off. I think each accommodation provider throughout NZ is going to be on the road to recovery for the next wee while but we are confident as a business that NZ travel will be sustainable and remain to keep us busy until our boarders open again.

PIHMS students coming into the workforce now will definitely learn some new and innovative skills, Covid-19 isn’t all bad”

Magnificent work Phillippa, we are so proud of how much you have achieved!

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers (

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers Building.jpg

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