Demand for Students High

Nov 18, 2020

Aurush and Molly.jpegOver the past month PIHMS has placed over 100 students across New Zealand on their paid Industry Placements.  We caught up with Aurash on placement at The Hermitage Hotel Mt Cook.

How are you enjoying placement?

Aurash: It’s amazing! especially working with the amazing view of the mountains every morning and it’s just so much fun talking with lots of guests and getting to know people!

Is this your first paid Industry Placement?

(Student's complete two paid Industry Placements as part of our Degree Programme)

Aurash: Yes it is

What’s your role?

Aurash: My actual role is working Front of House which means i'm on the floor but i’m doing various jobs such as working behind the bar, doing barista (I make amazing coffees), looking after the breakfast buffet and making sure everything is up to date. My other main role is opening the whole restaurant in the morning and preparing the buffet and then closing the whole restaurant after everything is done and locking all the doors of the bar and leaving.

 Fern coffee.jpeg   Teddie Coffee.jpeg

What’s your favourite part?

Aurash: My favourite part is the view from the restaurant every morning which I could never get tired of because it’s so beautiful and working at this hotel is so luxurious and filled with new challenges and excitements!  I could keep on about my placement because it is going so good and it’s so much fun working at this beautiful hotel!


We get calls and emails daily requesting our students, so it's safe to say the industry is looking positive.

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