Sky City Brand Day at PIHMS

Jul 26, 2017

Sky City Brand Day at PIHMS - 8.45am – 4pm Monday 7 August

20 top hotel executives are taking over all classes for the day at PIHMS!

As part of PIHMS commitment to engage with the Taranaki community PIHMS is inviting five top economic, accounting, maths or business students from each high school in Taranaki to participate in the Sky Brand Day at PIHMS. Teachers are also encouraged to attend.

What to expect:

  • Be amazed and inspired when you find out what a career in hospitality/ hotels/ tourism management actually involves
  • Be inspired from top managers who will share their story of work, travel and opportunity to earn high salaries.
  • Don’t be surprised if Brad Burnett the General Manager of Sky City hands you his business card if you ask a good question or show potential. Because of the shortage of qualified managers in the industry, Sky hotels also use this day as an opportunity to head hunt students of all levels into future leadership programs.

Get a taste of the real role of a manager in the Hotel/ hospitality/ tourism industry. Workshops include:

Revenue Management: A real displacement exercise where we will be deciding whether or not to take a piece of business for 2019. Looking at Macro and Micro trends and using revenue management techniques/calculations we will decide to take the business or not

Sales and Marketing: Using examples from the Hotel we will be using Marketing techniques to solve real issues such as need periods, special events, packages etc. An interactive class where students will be helping to design a real EDM/Social Media campaign etc

Other topics include: Hotel Operations and Life After PIHMS

Who can attend?

Top economic, accounting, maths or business students in Year 12, Year 13 students. Students who do not take these subjects but have a true interest in business/ commerce are able to attend.

Teachers and parents are also welcome and encouraged to attend.

Why economic, accounting, maths and business students?

For the Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree at PIHMS 75% of the course is business and management subjects. Although it is not compulsory for PIHMS students to have studied economics/ accounting etc, PIHMS and Sky City want to encourage more business and management related student to consider PIHMS for an opportunity to fast track into management positions in the hospitality/ tourism industry.

High School teachers are also welcome and encouraged to attend.

Schedule of Day

- All high school students to meet at PIHMS front office 8.30am. 
- All high school students to leave PIHMS at 4pm latest. Students are able to leave earlier if required (just remember to sign out!).
- Lunch at PIHMS included - free :)

Register below

Register below to attend the Brand Day. We will be in touch asap via email and phone to provide more details.