English language course fees for International Students

  English Language
(per 21 week semester)
English Language
(per week)
Tuition Costs
Administration fee   $750  
Course fees $7,700 $350
GST on course fees $1,155 $52
Course related costs * $1,780  
School lunches (2)   $440 $20
Health insurance $242  
Visas   $207  
IELTS test, per exam   $415  

Sub Total

$ 12,689

Accommodation (on campus) $6,510 310
Homestay $4,620  

* Includes new uniforms

NOTES for PIHMS Certificate in English Language

  • Students opting for on-campus accommodation will be charged at the rate of $310.00 per week (incl. meals).
  • The course fees will be dependent on the stage the student enters the Certificate in English programme and the length of time the student remains on campus.
  • In addition to the facilities provided by the school, we suggest that approximately $25-$75 per week is appropriate to cover entertainment, telephone, postage and other items of a personal nature.
  • This schedule should be read in conjunction with the written Conditions of Acceptance required to be signed by every student prior to entry to the course.

PIHMS reserves the right to change the fee structure for any course without notice
All fees are applicable from January 2013
All fees are in NZ$